• Detox System Support

      Results, not shortcuts. Cleanse for Life™  supports the body as it filters toxins from the body’s bloodstream as well as using digestive aids found in nature to help your body remove impurities.

    • Cleanse Day Is the Best Day

      Our bodies do some pretty cool things while fasting. Like fat burning, cellular renewal, and detoxification. All that while enjoying a refreshing beverage throughout the day. 

    • Thrive Your Way

      A cleanse day can help jump-start your body’s self-restoration cycle. Because wellbeing starts from the inside out, not from a number on the scale.

    What’s Inside

    Intermittent fasting done right ...

    A Great Team
    If the perfect detox and healthy weight loss walked into a bar … they’d definitely order a glass of Cleanse for Life. Cleanse for Life can be enjoyed daily as a wellness tonic or as nutritional support as part of Cleanse Days. 
    Your Favourite Flavours
    Suddenly, the most difficult part of Cleanse Day is picking which flavour to enjoy first. Peach Mango? Natural Rich Berry? The delicious struggle is real.
    Detox Support
    Supports your body as it naturally detoxifies.
    Frequently Asked

    Your questions, answered

    A scientifically formulated, synergistic blend of natural cleansing herbs and botanicals designed to support whole-body cleansing.
    Unlike other products on the market that may deplete the body of vital nutrients, Cleanse for Life supports the body’s natural detoxification processes and nourishes the body as it cleanses.

    Cleanse for Life should be used as part of an Isagenix System for either daily cleansing or deep cleansing. Take one scoop of powder dissolved in 2-4 ounces of water, 1-2 ounces of liquid, or one 2-ounce bottle of Cleanse for Life up to twice daily. Enjoy warm or cold.

    For a deeper one- or two-day cleanse, take two scoops of powder dissolved in 4-8 ounces of water, 4 ounces of liquid, or two 2-ounce bottles up to four times throughout the day. Enjoy warm or cold. Cleansing is most effective with a combination of both daily and deep cleanses. Refer to your System Guide for further guidance.

    We made Cleanse for Life conveniently available in two forms, making it perfect for a variety of busy lifestyles. Both options provide the same nutritional cleansing benefits with the main variation being delivery form. The liquid is already blended, so there is no mixing needed. The powder can be mixed with water whenever and wherever you want.

    †††Transparency and accuracy are a top priority at Isagenix. We constantly strive to ensure that product information is complete, accurate, and current. However, at times, products may be unavailable or have different labels or attributes than those listed here.

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